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Romanic Guns

Author Michelle Kee

Romance Writer

Writer and reader of Romance with a Bite!

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Background Story

Welcome one and all to my slice of the writing world!

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Latest Release!

The Flame of Carson

Latest adventure in the Blackout Security Inc. series.


This is Gage and Stacey's story!​


It all started with a Spark  


 When Gage Carson met Stacey Carlin at Krista’s book signing he knew she was something special. A woman unlike any he had known. What began as a weekend fling, grew into something he believed he would never have. 


Now, after two years, Stacey is in Austin. His happiness at this is shaken when he discovers she has an unwanted follower. Together, he and Stacey, with the help of Blackout have to put the pieces of a much bigger puzzle together.  


 That grew to a Flame  


 Stacey is now with the man that stole her heart. Gage is her equal in every way. Thrilled to no longer have the distance barrier between them, she and Gage can now build their relationship. Except for one problem. 


For several months, someone has been sending black roses and cryptic emails to Stacey. She managed to keep it from Gage, but now that she’s moved to Austin, the secret is out. When her admirer finds her, the game of cat and mouse begins. 



Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”


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