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Blackstone's Heart
The Soul of Archer

Blackstone's Heart

October 9, 2016

Former Marine Special Ops Ethan Blackstone thought his day would start off with business as usual at Blackout Security Inc. until a call for help from Austin's top DA changes everything.  


Krista Jameson's a romance novelist. She's also the DA's only daughter and Ethan's first love from long ago. With the success of her latest book, a crazed fan has marked her as his. When her stalker writes threatening letters to Krista's father, it forces him to hire security and unexpectedly brings Ethan back into her life. Ethan was dangerous to her heart as a teenager, the man he was now could be lethal. 


Will being forced to work together rekindle a flame that was never truly dead? As the danger to Krista grows so, too, does their passion. Together they will face her nightmare, but as their past meets their present, will they have a future once the danger ends? 

The Soul of Archer

January 4, 2019

She's running scared and running for her life... 
Alora St. James thought she was living the American Dream spending her days making and designing sweet confections, running her own bakery and one night it all changes. Now she's living in a nightmare. 
After being in a relationship with Sam Malconi for nearly two years, she finds out just what kind of man he is. Alora flees Austin but returns after being put in contact with Blackout Security Inc. Now back,  she tries to pull herself together with Blackout's help. What she never expected was Lance "Hawkeye" Archer. Lance had sworn off relationships. Or so he thought. Alora came to Blackout for help after witnessing her ex's true nature. There's something about the dark haired, amber eyed baker that sneaks in and sucker punches him. Yes, he's intrigued but he doesn’t want this. 
However when Sam Malconi starts targeting Alora, Lance is having none of that. He vows to protect her from Malconi, yet he also knows he's risking his very heart by doing it,  but he can’t afford not to.  
As the heat builds around Alora, the fire between her and Lance grows into a passion filled inferno neither wants to extinguish. Can Lance and Blackout keep her safe from the Malconi family or will she become yet another victim?

St. Lucia Escapades

St. Lucia Escapades

April 25, 2021

She was just looking for a relaxing break. 
Moria Donovan has just finished her latest book and as a treat is sent to the beautiful island of St. Lucia for a much needed vacation.  What she wasn’t expecting to find was the handsome New York bar owner. Feeling an instant connection, she throws caution to the wind and takes a chance getting to know him. 
Yet the more she gets to know Cord, the more she feels herself falling for the man. But this is just a holiday fling right? There’s no way that they could make a go of this. She lives in D.C. and he lives in New York.  
He just wanted to get away from it all. 
Cord O’Brien was having a hell of a week. When the spoiled college son of a prominent New York City Councilman, decides to pull a Coyote Ugly move on one of the tables and sets off the sprinklers, Cord is ready to yank his hair out. 
Cord’s brother and partner sends him off to St. Lucia while the bar is being renovated. Cord sees a beautiful red headed woman standing in line at a restaurant and feels drawn to her. As they get to know one another, Cord wants more than just the three weeks on the island. Yet how to convince her of that. 
Vacation is over now reality sets in. 
Cord and Moria decide to give what was started on St. Lucia a genuine go despite the multiple reasons it shouldn’t work. Moria knows she’s falling hard and fast for the North Carolina native, turned New York bar owner. It both scares and thrills her.  
Cord knows that Moira is the one. Yet when a woman from his past shows up it threatens to destroy everything that he and Moira have built. Can he convince her that they belong together? Will she let him?

The Flame of Carson

September 14, 2023

It all started with a Spark 


When Gage Carson met Stacey Carlin at Krista’s book signing he knew she was something special. A woman unlike any he had known. What began as a weekend fling, grew into something he believed he would never have. 

Now, after two years, Stacey is in Austin. His happiness at this is shaken when he discovers she has an unwanted follower. Together, he and Stacey, with the help of Blackout have to put the pieces of a much bigger puzzle together. 


 That grew to a Flame 


 Stacey is now with the man that stole her heart. Gage is her equal in every way. Thrilled to no longer have the distance barrier between them, she and Gage can now build their relationship. Except for one problem.  

For several months, someone has been sending black roses and cryptic emails to Stacey. She managed to keep it from Gage, but now that she’s moved to Austin, the secret is out. When her admirer finds her, the game of cat and mouse begins. 

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