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It's time!

Finally! After weeks I finally hit the publish button for The Flame of Carson! In two days or so it should be live on Amazon.

Sadly, the paperback and hardback covers aren't finished yet which has me a little upset as I like to release the e-book and print versions at the same time but it is what it is. I'm hoping today I will have the revisions for the print covers and can hit publish on those. I'll keep you posted on that.

I also have released the hardback version of St. Lucia Escapades! I got my proof this week and it looks great! See for your selves!

I got the revision for this one a little quicker as I used a different cover designer. While I have been thoroughly pleased with my first cover designer, the constant delays in receiving the regions and such have started to outlay that. I think moving forward I may go a different route with my covers.

I'm also considering trying again to use Draft2Digital with future releases due to the craziness that's Amazon. While yes, I seem to get royalties each month with my books in KU, I'm not liking the things I'm hearing from other authors. As of now, only The Soul of Archer is free to publish elsewhere. St. Lucia will be free by the end of next month and Blackstone's Heart in November. I think I will at least at first, release my books in KU then after the three month period, release them wide.

Well, that's all the news I have for now. Stay tuned for release dates for the print versions of The Flame of Carson.

Until next time!

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